I always love spectacles of thick style


I always love 「thick style frame」but it is not easily adjust and heavy. I study to improve around 3 years. Now 22degree eyewear is made of ethylene vinyl acetate,  weight less 60% than normal plastic frame and easily adjust without heater. 

一向有情意結「粗膠架」,由過去大熱到式微,到現在「文青」幼線條金屬框大行其道,其中原因粗框較重和可調教位置少和每一位置調教都需要用上heater ,能夠調校好一隻粗線條膠框十分考「功夫」,是業內人士卻步銷售的主因。用了三年時間為針對以上的缺點研究和作出改進,新一代環保ethylene vinyl acetate物料能大大改善,首先減低60%重量,比一般金屬框還要輕,而且可調校幅度大和無需用heater加熱,任何人士都能輕鬆自行調校。

About us

 Recycle is our design's first priority. As Scar of pattern is our aesthetic, we respect the craftsmanship, therefore all of our products are made by hand and eventually everything is combined into nature. 22° - An Experimental eyewear brand that was born on earth at 22.16-22.38 degree latitude North.

The brand is developed, designed and produced in there. ‘‘The raw should not be Art’’ is our slogan.


Simple procedure of Recycle: Different from some other Eco-friendly products that need to go through so many complicated procedures to transfer, collect then recycle with only small percentage of the materials, the 22° eyewear is recyclable with almost the whole frame. Also our clients can simply and easily send their eyewear direct to our end for recycle.


Therefore the utilization of the Ethylene-vinyl Acetate and Titanium Material make 22° eyewear more sustainable and responsible.


22degree eyewear