New color Antique Green is coming!

The N6 style was a popular model for us last year. This time, the reproduction quality has been upgrade. First, we have replaced it with our latest sixth-generation hinge, which provides a smoother and wider opening angle, making it easier to match different face shapes. The entire eyeglass frame has been designed without any screw fittings, and the titanium metal temple parts have been replaced with a+β titanium, which is three times stronger than before. We have also added a new color “antique Green colors” are hand-colored by the craftsman.

N6 style係我們去年熱賣型號,今次reproduction品質作了幾何級數的優化,首先換上了我們最新第六代鉸鏈,開合更加順滑而且闊窄角度加大更容易配合不同面形,整副眼鏡框設計均沒有螺絲裝嵌,鈦金屬部份換上a+β「航天級鈦」,比過往硬度強上三倍,顏色今次加上了一個新色系,antique Green全部以人手上色!