Pazo Ho

Hong Kong is the no.1 city with most eyesight problems citizens in the world, because there is not much chance to see long distance objects in the city as Hong Kong is mostly surrounding by so many buildings, also most of the people do not have enough living space since the 50’s till now, therefore the Hong Kong citizens have more experience of wearing spectacles than other peoples in the world in the same period.
Meanwhile, there are so many imported eyewear brands supply to the Hong Kong market but it is rarely found with local design and production.

I was born and living in Hong Kong, and I wore my first eyeglasses when I was 14 years old with -3.0 degree myopia. Afterward, I registered as an optometrist in Hong Kong at the same time when I was started to work in optical shop business, eyewear distributions, investment and involved to design eyewear brands in the last 30 years.

The Year in 2020 I start a new eyewear brand named 22° eyewear, it was designed and produced in Hong Kong, the brand logo 22°16-38N is the Coordinate of Hong Kong which is 22.16-22.38 degree latitude north on earth, I would like to bring the city’s core and aesthetics to the world.