己所不用must施於人, 眼鏡再生企劃 Spectacles reborn project


22 Optical Committed to Eyewear Eco-Recycling: Keeping Eyeglasses Shining Brightly

Amid the mainstream pursuit of environmental protection and sustainable development, our 22 Optical founder Pazo Ho has already taken the first step over a decade ago.

Pazo Ho has 34 years of experience in the optical industry. In addition to 22 Optical, he also founded the Hong Kong handcrafted eyewear brand 22 Degree Eyewear, which is based on an eco-friendly concept.

In his professional career, he has participated in volunteer work, providing free cataract surgeries for impoverished residents in remote mountainous areas of China.

He once assisted patients residing in the Luoduan Yizu Miaozuzizhixian of Yunnan, at an altitude of 2,000 to 4,000 meters.
Due to these patients living in high-altitude mountain areas, they are more exposed to sunlight, resulting in a high chance of developing cataracts after the age of 30. According to 2006 statistics, the number of people with cataracts in the entire Yunnan Province had reached 348,700, accounting for 63.74% of eye disease patients. The number of new patients is also growing rapidly, reaching 20,000 per year.

To help the residents of Luoduan, Pazo and his volunteer team provided free cataract surgeries and detailed eye examinations for 275 patients at the time.
Research has shown that wearing UV-blocking sunglasses is the easiest and most effective way to reduce the incidence of cataracts.
However, due to the average annual household income of only 2,000 RMB in Luoduan at the time, and the lack of resources, they could hardly afford such sunglasses.

In 2014, Pazo held a photography exhibition at the Hong Kong Joyce Gallery, and also called for donations of unused sunglasses from the public.
These sunglasses, after being checked for effective UV protection, were then sent to those in need in Yunnan.
More than 2,000 pairs of sunglasses have been donated so far.

Although Pazo's current physical condition no longer allows him to venture into these treacherous mountain areas, he still upholds the concepts of environmental protection and sustainability. In the past, he has refurbished some recycled eyeglasses, and now this spirit is being continuously passed on in our store.
This model allows eyeglasses to be reused, extending their lifespan, while also aligning with the principles of environmental protection and sustainable development.

1. Recycling and Regeneration: 22 Optical actively participates in the recycling of eyeglasses. Any discarded eyeglasses, whether due to changes in prescription, style updates, or damage, can be brought to us. We ensure that these eyeglasses are carefully inspected and selected for further processing.

2. Professional Refurbishment: 22 Optical has an experienced professional team that thoroughly inspects and refurbishes the recycled eyeglasses. We ensure that every pair of eyeglasses meets safety and comfort standards. If any repairs are needed, we will take appropriate measures to restore them to their former glory.

3. Free Feedback: 22 Optical offers a free feedback service. This means that you only need to purchase new lenses to continue using these refurbished eyeglasses with a sound structure. We hope that through this approach, the recycling and regeneration of eyeglasses will gain widespread customer support and recognition.

4. Sustainable Development: 22 Optical firmly believes in the importance of object sustainability. Our goal is to extend the lifespan of eyeglasses, reduce the consumption of natural resources, and achieve environmental protection and sustainable development. We hope that each refurbished pair of eyeglasses will continue to shine brightly, bringing clarity and comfort to our customers' vision.

22 Optical is committed to the eco-recycling of eyeglasses, and we believe that every pair of eyeglasses has inherent value that can be extended. Through recycling and refurbishment, we not only reduce waste, but also contribute to environmental protection. Thank you for your support of 22 Optical. Your participation will drive the sustainable development of objects, allowing eyeglasses to continue shining brightly!


在追求環保和永續發展的主流下,我們22眼鏡店創辦人Pazo Ho在十幾年前已經行出第一步。

Pazo Ho是一位在光學行業擁有34年經驗,除了22 optical,他同時創辦了以環保概念為主的香港手造眼鏡品牌22degree eyewear。




2014年Pazo更在香港Joyce Gallery舉辦了他的攝影展覽,同時呼籲各界捐贈不常使用的太陽眼鏡。


1. 回收再生:22眼鏡店積極參與眼鏡的回收, 任何人將不再需要的眼鏡,這些眼鏡可能因為度數變化、風格更新或者損壞而被遺棄。我們確保這些眼鏡經過仔細檢查篩選後再進行處理。

2. 專業翻新:22眼鏡店擁有經驗豐富的專業團隊,他們會對回收的眼鏡進行詳細檢查和翻新。我們確保每副眼鏡的結構和質量達到安全和舒適的標準。如果需要修復,我們會採取適當的措施,讓眼鏡焕發新生。

3. 免費回饋:22眼鏡店提供免費回饋的服務。這意味著您只需重新配購鏡片,即可繼續使用這些經過檢查結構良好的再生眼鏡。我們希望通過這種方式,讓眼鏡的再生得到廣大顧客的支持和認可。

4. 永續發展:22眼鏡店深信物件永續的重要性。我們的目標是延長眼鏡的使用壽命,減少對自然資源的消耗,以實現環境的保護和可持續發展。我們希望每一副翻新的眼鏡都能繼續散發光芒,為顧客帶來視力的清晰與舒適。