22DEGREE EYEWEAR 4周年企劃: 22DEGREE EYEWEAR 聯乘 橫山宏 (Kow Yokoyama) 全新系列 “pollutant”


22DEGREE EYEWEAR 聯乘 橫山宏 (Kow Yokoyama) 全新系列 “pollutant”

靈感來 自日本科幻軍事設計大師橫山宏 Kow Yokoyama的Maschinen Krieger ZbV3000”(簡稱Ma.K)故事.擁有「科幻軍武模型 傳奇」之名的 Ma.K故事舞台設定在29世紀因核戰爭而荒廢的地球,為了爭奪霸權“地球獨立政府傭兵軍”與“修特拉爾共 和國軍”戰鬥故事的描寫。 其中最受 好評的作品,就是“地球獨立政府傭兵軍”所使用的“超級戰鬥裝甲”(“Super Armord Fighting Suit”,簡稱S.A.F.S.)。由於未來2885年9月所進行的大反攻作戰「強鎚行動(OPERATION SUPER HAMMER)」 以失敗告終,傭兵軍為了能夠盡快消滅修特拉爾的衛星,大幅地強化、升級舊有的S.A.F.S.。動力引擎全開噴火的姿 態,加上氧氣瓶遭攻擊而爆發成為火球模樣,所以傭兵軍的士兵將此裝甲取名 為「火球」(FIREBALL)來自嘲。Pazo 了 解後被其故事啟發,代入故事未來地球時空,用逆向概念以各種環保物料手造工藝模擬各種受污染的物質創作出以眼鏡 表達污染物之視覺美學,帶出訊息給觀賞者作出反思!全球發行12套, 每套共三個款式並印有獨立編號,以作珍藏。 發售日期暫定: 1/10/2023
22DEGREE EYEWEAR X Kow Yokoyama project ‘Pollutant series’Hong Kong's eco-friendly handmade eyewear brand, 22DEGREE EYEWEAR, led by Pazo Ho, has launched a new series called "Pollutant " inspired by the story of Maschinen Krieger ZbV3000 by Japanese model master Kow Yokoyama (aka Ma.K).The Ma.K story, known as the "legend of sci-fi military models," is set in the 29th century on an Earth devastated by nuclear war. It tells the story of the battle for supremacy between the "Earth Independent Government Mercenary Army" and the "ZbV3000 Republican Army." The most popular work in the series is the "Super Armored Fighting Suit" (S.A.F.S.) used by the Earth Independent Government Mercenary Army.In the failed "Operation Super Hammer" counterattack that took place in September 2885, the Mercenary Army upgraded their existing S.A.F.S. to quickly destroy ZbV3000's satellites. The soldiers named this armor "Fireball" in mockery because of its appearance with its power engine fully ignited and oxygen tanks exploding into a ball of fire.Inspired by this story, Pazo created a series of eco-friendly eyewear that simulates various polluted substances using reverse concepts and handmade craftsmanship with various environmentally friendly materials. The series expresses the visual aesthetics of pollutants through eyewear, prompting viewers to reflect on the message it conveys in the context of a future polluted Earth.12 sets will be globally released, each set containing three styles with unique serial numbers, intended for collectors."