We tinted titanium yellow gold color without electroplate


 We tinted titanium yellow gold color without electroplate. Amazingly the color is shining and better than electroplate Yellow gold. It doesn’t happened to user skin allergy, eco friendly and nickel free. It is non-environmental pollution and easily remade the titanium.


 P series represents Pure. Making the complicated simple is creativity. All styles in this series use non-environmental pollution materials, no electroplate, welding and screws used, conversely, we make use of the natural distilled water to anodizing and change  the eyewear into difference colors also sustainable and biodegradable materials including Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Titanium, Silicon and recyclable Nylon lenses are used, the applications of all these materials mentioned above are consistent with the brand’s concept which is to make 22° eyewear recyclable, sustainable and responsible.