About us

Brand introduction

Sustainable is our brand's first priority. We advocate Nature and Casual Aesthetics, Respect the craftsmanship, therefore all of our products are made by hand and eventually everything is combined into nature.
22 Degree Eyewear - An Experimental eyewear brand that was born on earth at 22.16-22.38 degree Latitude North (hand made in Hong Kong). The brand is developed, designed and produced in Hong Kong.

‘‘The raw should not be Art’’ is our slogan.

Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Nylon lenses and titanium core.

Simple procedure of Recycle: Different from some other Eco-friendly products that need to go through so many complicated procedures to transfer, collect then recycle with only small percentage of the materials, the 22° eyewear is recyclable with almost the whole frame. Also our clients can simply and easily send their eyewear direct to our end for recycle.

Therefore the utilization of the Ethylene-vinyl Acetate and Titanium Material make 22° eyewear more sustainable and responsible.

22 OPTICAL Select Shop is a subproject under the 22 Degree Eyewear by Pazo Ho. The shop presents the 22 Degree eyewear full series products as well as 10 selected cultural eyewear brands seasonally

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